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Types of therapy


Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy

DIT is a protocol developed from Psychodynamic therapy to fit the current requirement for short-term/time-limited interventions. DIT is growing in popularity and is now one of the 5 therapies used to treat depression in the NHS, as recommended by the Department of Health. It is an inter-personal therapy that focuses on relationships, what impact they have on your current life and how this links feelings of low mood and anxiety.

How it works

The therapy consists of 16 sessions divided into 3 blocks of work:

The initial phase of 4 sessions will be used to identify a focus for the work and will specifically explore the nature of your problem. You will be invited to explore with your therapist the patterns of relating you may have developed in childhood and how they affect your current relationships. With your therapist you will agree on the focus for the work and create an ’interpersonal map’ that will help you understand how you developed this pattern of relating to others.

The second phase of 8 sessions you will work on your agreed focus and how to develop more positive and useful ways of dealing with relationships in your current life which will help decrease levels of anxiety and improve your emotional health.

The endings phase of 4 sessions will be devoted to exploring the meaning of ending the relationship in the therapy, reflect on the work done and your achievements.

Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy Duration

DIT is a very structured approach and is designed to be effective if you attend all 16 sessions hour long sessions

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Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)


Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT)

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